The Third Edition Juvenile League of Rescue Sport Foundation started well with eight colts’ teams, both under 10 and 13 divisions.

The Commencement of the league, after three matches played, Real Betis FC and Emmanuel Foot-Clubs could not continue due to financial problem. The two teams were using ordinary photographs not paste on the registration cards. Team captains complain a lot and team Coach also protesting against most often.

The management and the team coaches met and agreed that the two teams’ accumulated points should be deducted from the league table. This reduces much interest of the ongoing league.

Second league matches begun with six teams namely, Bright Stars FC, Clarity FC, Gye Nyame FC, Noble Warriors FC, Power FC and Royal Rangers FC. Before the beginning of the league, Power FC requested for the opening of player registration to enable them register more players for the under 10 players.  This move favors all other teams, however Power FC management were unable to pay for photos and registration cards, when asked at a meeting the Coach of Power FC misconduct himself and was disrespectful towards management. During cross examination the Coach of Power FC decided to discontinue his team from the ongoing Juvenile league.

The remaining five teams continued the league with a revise league table.  This action reduces the playing teams’ matches from seven to five matches for both the first and second round. Meanwhile the Coach for Royal Rangers FC asked for permission to travel outside Kumasi and thereby assigned his assistant Coach to take over to complete the remaining assigned matches.

The assistant Coach of Royal Rangers FC honored two matches but unable to fulfill the remaining matches with an excuse that the players are all Sunday Arabic pupils’ students, therefore it was difficult to for him to have them properly organize to complete the remaining Sunday matches with other teams.

Round nine of the Juvenile league fixtures was the decider for the Juvenile league championship trophy between the two best teams, Gye Nyame FC and the Noble Warriors FC. The Gye Nyame FC was to play home the Noble Warroirs FC who are determine to lift up the trophy at course at their home base ground at Asuofua football field. Nonetheless on the day of the match Gye Nyame FC Coach backed by their supporters were unhappy and complained about the four appointed referees to handle the final championship match. Both teams were on the playing field waiting for the governor of the match to commerce, the instructor and the vice chairman of the Foundation volunteer themselve to handle the final match to bring peace and fairness.

RSF Juvenile League Champions

The match commences at the scheduled time. It was the best display to talents, skill, discipline and professionalism from both two teams we have ever witness. It was an accident free match on the playing field. At end of the match it was Noble Warriors FC who won the final match by one goal to zero. Congratulations to both run up team who proof themselves capable to compete for both national and international matches.

After the match there was misunderstanding between the Executives of Gye Nyame and the Technical team. The Executives of Gye Nyame FC push their way into the affairs of the technical team. The last match which was the tenth week and same day was also a day of presentation of Awards, Medals, Certificates and Trophies for the first two leagues, the U10 and U13. Owing to the previous grievances and incident, Gye Nyame FC management refused and failed to participate in the closing ceremony of the Juvenile League Award Day. They also failed to honor their final matches. The second position team took over their position and receives their awards and trophy for the Under Ten (U 10) Juvenile League.

RSF Presentation of Awards

The presentation of Certificates, Awards, Medals and Trophies was done by the co-coordinator and assisted by two ladies, the eldest daughter of the Chairman (R.S.F) and the mother of last year overall best player and Captain of Noble Warriors. 

After the presentation of the U 10 trophy which went to Clarity FC, it was later discovered that the trophy went to wrong hands, the Clarity FC. The effort to correct the mistake led to difficulties for management and misunderstanding and argument between the two teams. Noble Warriors were the deserving team for the Trophy for U 10 Juvenile League. When the case was settled the Coordinator ordered the return of the Trophy immediately.  The Coach of Clarity FC could not return the Trophy to deserving Team because one of his players has run home if the Trophy and promised management to retrieve the Trophy and return to management at the next meeting or as soon as possible.

On April 2nd, 2019 at meeting, the Chairman and the instructor was at the premises to receive the trophy but the Coach of Clarity FC failed to present the Trophy as promises earlier. When questioned by management he said it was still with the players of his team.

Nonetheless the business agenda for the day proceed as planned. It was graced by Unity Football Club and Viper Football Club from Ohwim. The new joined team was the center of deliberations for the day. The meeting was attended by three Coaches, the Instructor and Coordinator. The third edition of the league is not an upgrade of the second edition league; moreover it could not be deliberated upon owing to loss of interest and commitment.  The behaviors of four identify Coaches wasn’t appropriate and could not be terrorated, it deserves disciplinary action to be taking to perverse and sustains the work and purposes of the Sports Foundation for future events. The interest of the League gradually begins to fade off owning to indiscipline of some Coaches and team management. This challenges and misconduct from other will be addressed in other to bring back hope, interest and life to future sports events to improve on the previous and incoming editions.

RSF Report

The Instructor


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